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"Lewin has been a real joy to work with!  Every Wednesday during our major year-long renovation, we'd meet with him along with the contractor and the designer to go over options and make choices.. Always a meeting I so looked forward to.  I loved his collegial but focused way of leading the team, and I appreciated his creativity, his close oversight, and his clear communication.  Along with a beautiful home, I've gained a friendship that will last forever.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Lewin!"


— Marcy Carsey

"When we started our journey, my husband and I interviewed a few architects. But once we met with you we knew our search had ended because you were "the one." You seamlessly combined our two needs and then made our home the jewel box it is. I have to pinch myself every morning as I walk through my home and see its amazing beauty."


— Bethany Herwegh 

"Your vision, dedication, attention to detail turned my little ugly duckling into the beautiful white swan of the block. I always recommend you to anyone considering a project of their own. They would be very fortunate indeed to live in a home designed by you."


— David Moray 
RMR Properties

"Asking someone to design your dream house is a tall order. Lewin Wertheimer delivers.The house Lewin designed and helped us build in Malibu is a jewel. But more than that, it is truly our home. That's why, like virtually everyone else he has worked with, we began as clients and ended up as friends."


— Allen Mayer and Renee Vogel 

"One day there will be books about Lewin Wertheimer and his contribution to the city of Los Angeles. But until that day is here, I can start by imagining myself writing the forward. True architects are artists. And Lewin Wertheimer is a true artist. It was one of the greatest joys in our lives to have been a part of his work."


— Holly Goldberg Sloan & Gary Rosen 

"His brilliant grasp of the functionality of each space is married to the perfect detailing of each architectural element. Equally talented at listening and understanding, Lewin realizes both the needs AND dreams of his clients in a beautiful fashion."


— Susie Peddicord 

"The level of service we received from Mr. Wertheimer was beyond our expectations and yet he remained within budget for his own fees and his aggressive stewardship helped bring construction costs in on target. Yet most important to us is Lewin's gift for design; he has given back a home that is beautiful beyond our dreams."


— Gordon Davidson 

"It is very rare to find a high level of talent and a high level of business acumen in one person, but I feel I have found that in Lewin. He is professional, honest, straightforward. And a fine architect."


— Jean Craig 

"We cannot find words to adequately articulate our gratitude to you for all that you've done to make the dream of a home a remarkable reality."


— David O'Connor & Lona Williams

"Lewin’s great strengths are the breadth of his knowledge and the depth of his tastes. He took our fragment of an idea and realized it in a manner that suited and pleased us more than we ever could have imagined. His scope is big, yet he’s immersed in the tiniest details. Responsible, communicative, and always, always looking out for his clients’ interests."

-Jeffrey Karoff & Nora Dvosin


"I have known Mr. Wertheimer for seventeen years. He was one of my best students, graduated first in his class.  He has a unique depth of experience in the design and project management of some of the most outstanding custom residences in this region. He is known for outstanding client relationships and attention to client needs and budget restraints.  His built projects are clear statements of his unusual sensitivity, talent, and professional skills."


— David Rinehart, AIA 
Principal for Design, ANSHEN+ALLEN, ARCHITECTS
Professor, University of Southern California

"(I was) impressed (but not surprised) by your attention design and famous attention to detail. Your work is simply awesome. It is the lucky client indeed who commissions you as their architect."


— Jan Eric Horn

Executive Director Architectural Division

Coldwell Banker Estates

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