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KIRK BLASCHKE Project Architect

2000-2006, 2013-present

KELLY BOSTON Project Manager


LENA LARIONOVA Project Designer


ALEXEY NOSOV Business Manager


Former Staff

  • Layla Gonzalez (2013-2018)
  • Eduardo Manilla (2012-2017)

  • Benlloyd Goldstein (2015-2016)

  • Henry Murray (1992-2014)

  • Marvin Padilla (2003-2014)

  • Francesca Martin (2012-2014)

  • Lucas Worthing (1999-2010)

  • Tom Bassett-Dilley (1994-2000)

  • Ralph Williamsen (1998-1999)


  • Architectural Photography Douglas Hill -

  • Thatcher Residence Photography by Michael McCreary and Douglas Hill

  • Dos Flamingos Residence Photography by Lewin Wertheimer

  • Greenberg Residence Photography by Lisa Romerein

  • Slatkin Aspen Photography by Paul Barnaby

  • Mayer Vogel Photography by John Ellis

  • Napa Photography by Rebecca Chotkowski

  • Office Photography by Jeffrey Karoff


Building Contractors

Interior Designers

Landscape Designers

  • Thatcher, O'Connor, Craig, Goldberg/Sloan-Rosen and  Murray-Wertheimer Landscape by Henry Murray

  • Gurvitz and Mayer/Vogel Landscape by Marny Randall

  • Greenberg Landscape by Nancy Powers

  • Schiff and Davidson-Superba Lanscape by Jay Griffith

  • Slatkin Aspen Landscape by Steven Block

  • Forkner Landscape by Mary Efron

  • Carsey Landscape by Bob Newlon

  • Swiller Landscape by Brian Diamond



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